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Private Investors

Our EXPERTISE covers the full spectrum of Property Investment and Development in the Residential and Commercial sectors. Our EXPERIENCE and NETWORK coupled with extensive direct marketing campaigns enable us to find suitable development sites. While our in-depth, rigorous ANALYSIS and VIABILITY STUDIES ensure we secure strong deals allowing us to provide great rates of return on investments to our investors.

We actively RESEARCH and constantly analyse the dynamic sectors and submarkets of the York and surrounding area property market. Our RISK MANAGEMENT strategies ensure that we complete our DUE DILIGENCE and manage risk at every step of the process.

Why we choose to invest in property:

When compared to other investment vehicles, property is considered to be one of the safest ways to invest. This is due to it being a tangible and appreciating asset.

Yes, property markets fluctuate in line with national and global economies plus other factors such as changes in lending requirements & taxes BUT it’s important to remember the trend is always an upwards one!

It is a certainty that property will always be required and that there will always be demand regardless of social or economic factors.  The population continues to grow as does the requirement for quality, efficient accommodation.

This is why we believe that investing in property is the way forward in terms of secure & safe investment opportunities and risk can be drastically minimised with research; experience; knowledge and expertise.

Why should you invest with us?

At REALM 47 we offer our investors fantastic rates of return on their invested funds.

Due to inflation money is always depreciating in value, therefore we need to take inflation into account. The following graph shows the true value of your money.

If you haven’t already please read our blogs, they are full of useful investor information and will help to build a better understanding of what we do at REALM 47 & the industry we operate in.

Please click here to read our first blog ‘An Introduction to Working & Investing with REALM 47’

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