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No Money Left In Deals – Is It A No Brainer?

Sara NewsonBy Sara Newson on 21 December 2022

It’s a no brainer.


I hear these words often and it gives me the chills due to the context in which they are said. Let me expand on this.

“It’s an all money left in deal so it’s a no brainer!”

Wow, people, this is amateur investing if ever I heard it. There is so much more that you MUST consider. This dangerous attitude could leave you in deep trouble.

Trust me, after nearly 20 years in the industry, and over 11 years investing experience, the NMLI (no money left in deals) is not your crowning glory of deals, without other major factors coming into play!

Other essential components that must be considered are:
Cashflow. You need a healthy minimum cash flow from any property. Properties are expensive when things go wrong!
Equity. You’ve created substantial equity – if you released it could it work harder for you elsewhere? This question should be part of your regular portfolio analysis and review.
House price growth in the area vs inflation. If growth is stagnant in an area (common in NMLI areas) then consider how you are going to refurb the property in the future as well as where the money will come from . Oh, the money that the property has been cash-flowing – you are going to put that back into the property? I don’t think so – think long term not just quick cash!

So, what is an NMLI?

Simply put, no money left in deals are often uninhabitable places with no kitchen or bathroom.

These places are unmortgageable, but the bonus with these is that due to their state, you are usually able to try and negotiate a lower price. You will then be able to do the property up and in an ideal world, sell it on.

It is important to note, that in a highly competitive market you may need to think further than a simple property refurbishment if you would like your funds to go as far as possible – let’s be honest – who doesn’t? You’ll want to look for properties in areas with an increasing demand for housing.

A NMLI may not need much doing to it to make it livable, but instead may have legal issues that need contending with.

Either way, my recommendation to you would be to run all of your numbers, research thoroughly and complete your due diligence thoroughly. If you aren’t confident in these areas, I offer coaching, mentoring and consulting packages that may be of interest to you. Contact to request a copy of the brochure.