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Why work directly with us?

  • Discretion – Maintaining the utmost discretion for sellers as properties are not listed on the open market i.e. no boards displayed outside of properties; properties are not advertised on the internet; no mass mail outs to a vast quantity of people and no signed cars pulling up to the property.
  • Speed – The sale is completed efficiently without the need of agent forms, procedures and photographs. This ensures a quick overall transaction.
  • Reduced hassle – We cut out time-consuming tasks which means no viewings to be arranged or conducted and as such no preparation needed to be made by the seller.
  • No Chain – Being a professional entity the sales chain stops with us which means there is no risk of the sale falling through from further down the chain due to buyers pulling for reasons within or out of their control.
  • Security of Offer – We have built a reputation of always seeing our offers through to purchase.  We carry out full due diligence prior to instructing solicitors and the vast majority prior to presenting our offer, this is to avoid wasted time for both parties, wasted equity and bad experiences generally.  We want property transactions to be positive ones for all involved!
  • Honesty & Integrity – After carrying out a development feasibility study, if the conclusion is positive we will put forward the price at which the development works for us. If the offer is not accepted in the first instance and some time passes, we may have to change the offer due to factors out of our control i.e. market changes; lending rate / cost changes; changes in the planning laws and materials/labour cost increases.
  • Adaptive Purchase Options – one of the benefits in choosing to work with us is that the numerous adaptive purchase options we provide are tailored to help the seller achieve the best scenario for them, some of these options include potential investment opportunities with REALM 47.

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