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Property To Sell?

Why sell through us?

  • Reduced access requirements and disruption to tenants, very few viewings due to the way we work.   Usually we will arrange an appointment in which we record a virtual viewing and take photos of the property in it current condition, after there may be one more physical viewing then access requirements will be for the surveyor, valuer and possibly builders depending on works required.
  • Large database of qualified investor buyers
  • No chains
  • Speed – many of our buyers are seasoned investors with solicitors and lenders they have worked with on numerous occasions in the past meaning things go more smoothly throughout the conveyancing process
  • Bespoke sales – professional investors are prepared and more willing to work around sellers needs, need to complete after or before a certain date?  Need to sell in a few weeks?  We can work to your needs.
  • Experience – we have combined experience spanning 3 decades and our MD has 20 years of industry experience, our systems, processes and experience help to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible and reduces hassle and time involvement from you.  We will guide you through the process, going above and beyond – if there are tasks we can take off your hands we will!  We will sales progress the conveyancing process and liaise between both buyer and seller, and respective solicitors throughout to help ensure a timely and positive transaction.

Unsure if your property is suitable to be sold by REALM 47?

It is up to us to see if a property that isn’t currently rented out is suitable as an investment or a development project.  Please get in touch with us with details of your property and we will give you a quick reply to let you know if it could work.

Why work with us and not a high street agent?

Not only are we industry experts and also investors and developers ourselves we have an extensive database of purely investor buyers and developers from all over the world.  They are qualified buyers with no chain, this is a business transaction for our buyers removing emotional discourse resulting in a professionally conducted transaction done in a timely manner.

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