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Why Property Investors and Developers Should Act NOW

Sara NewsonBy Sara Newson on 29 January 2024

Why Property Investors and Developers Should Act NOW


With the next Bank of England base rate announcement due on the 1st February, property investors and developers should be acting now.

Following the previous UK base rate freeze, lending confidence was boosted which has encouraged lenders to enhance their products and offers. Whilst the pool of potential purchasers previously seemed drained, buyers are now re-emerging in force, looking for their perfect match and we think the stars will be aligning again in the coming months.

In Hull and York we have seen the homeowner market flourish in recent months and along with the investment market, in particular high cash flowing properties, we have seen a surge in demand. Surprisingly, the previously popular Buy to Let properties have seen a decrease in demand whilst potential investors have become cautious with their expenditure. Whilst these nerves may seem justified, it is worth remembering that property is a long-term investment and is usually always on an upward trajectory.

Higher interest rates result in fewer investors, meaning there are less competitors looking to purchase and more properties available for acquisition. With the Buy to Let market being quieter than usual, we think it is the perfect opportunity to look around and negotiate a price and secure the mortgage offer with the possibility of a more favourable interest rate becoming available prior to completion.

We believe that now is the time to jump off the fence and make your next move in your property investment journey, but move quick if you want to be ahead of the crowd!

We are optimistic that there will be a positive shift in the BTL market in the next quarter and the year ahead and encourage you to begin your search for your long-term investment.

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